Phase Thief

from by Continuum Kingdom

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The female head hovered for a moment just staring at him, then the head swiftly receded leaving a much bigger ripple in its wake. The prince sidled over to where the head had just disappeared & stared at the space, he reached out to make sure it was solid again ( it was ). Perplexed, the prince stared at the invisible wall until suddenly two hands shot out, grabbed his arms & pulled him through.

Passing through the invisible wall felt akin to traveling through the sphere that had originally brought him to this disorienting dimension ( though the original vortex felt more like passing through a super viscous liquid as compared to this passage which felt more along the lines of super fine particles of sand ). Outside the confines of his elaborate holding cell the world was pitch black. The two of them were now resting on a 45° angle mirrored wall. When the prince looked deep into the reflection he could see fragments of others trapped in similar scenarios to the one he was just extricated from. It was at this moment that he realized he wasnt breathing ( but for some reason he didnt feel like he needed to ), also there was no sound. They were in some strange vacuum, but the prince felt oddly at peace in the all encompassing blackness.

The girl had never let go of his left arm & now she was tugging on it to indicate that they needed to begin moving again. The darkness seemed endless & the prince couldnt imagine where they would be going, but he carefully stood up anyways. The girl readjusted her grip on his arm & interlocked her hand into his, then she bent her knees & bounded upwards, pulling the prince with her. While floating upwards the prince realized the sensation was tantamount to swimming all the way to the bottom of a pool of water & then launching yourself back up from the bottom.

As they ascended the prince looked down at his reflective prison & realized that it was actually a towering diamond shaped prism floating in space & that there were several more symmetrically displaced off in the distance. The scene ( in contrast to all the things he had just experienced ) was ( again oddly ) becoming increasingly pleasant.

Every once in a while a razor thin beam of light would shoot up from the black depths & go into the south facing peak of the prism and then the whole structure would illuminate for a moment before settling back into a static state. For a moment the prince wondered what this process was accomplishing, perhaps this was the way people entered the diamonds. The princes attention returned to his masked savior when he felt their momentum slow. Looking up the prince gaped in horror as his savior was dissolving into the all encompassing black that hovered above them. Slowly the blackness crept over his body & in an instant it had swallowed him whole.

Opening his eyes a moment later, the prince found him & the girl crouching in a hallway. The prince began to speak, but before he could utter a word his jail breaker covered his mouth with her pale slender hand and silently indicated that he should follow her lead. The pair crept down a couple hallways until they came upon two guards conversing about a discovery they had just uncovered. The girl silently watched the two going through a small black satchel full of strange items; she turned back to him with an affronted facade & grabbed his hand again pulling him in the opposite direction. Every time they touched the princes skin would vibrate in a way he had never experienced before, the experience left him feeling terribly light headed & disoriented after, but it also felt pleasant in a way he had never felt before.

After they were a significant distance away from the guards she finally spoke. She briskly explained that that bag was her supplies & their ticket out of there. Now they were going to have to find a new way of escaping.


from Dark Palace, released January 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Continuum Kingdom San Jose, California

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